Detoxes, Juice Cleanses, and 30 Day Challenges: How to Stand Out as a Nutrition Coach in a World of Quick Fixes

by | Aug 13, 2020

Let’s face it; the desire to embark on short-term diets, detoxes, or juice cleanses isn’t going  away anytime soon. With so much misinformation in the online space today, it’s easy for our nutrition coaching clients to come to us thinking that this is the best option for them. The job of a dietitian nutrition coach is to educate our clients on how to create LASTING and SUSTAINABLE results, without having to use a quick fix.

The reason why these short-term diets aren’t sustainable is because of the psychological and physiological cycle that it puts the dieter through. Initially, the client is excited to start that new juice cleanse in hopes of dropping those extra pounds they’ve been on a mission to lose. Then comes the period of restrictive eating that not only drains their physical energy, but their mental energy as well. They become fixated on all of the foods that they CAN’T have. As humans, we are attracted to anything that retreats from us, ESPECIALLY food. When their 7 day juice cleanse comes to an end, what are they left with? Whether they achieved results or not, they are likely to return to the SAME HABITS that they were doing before the cleanse. 

A detox, juice cleanse, or 30 day challenge does not teach sustainability. Your goal as a dietitian nutrition coach should be to teach your clients how to eat sustainably and lose or maintain their weight for the REST of their lives without you. 

So what should you do instead as the registered dietitian nutrition coach? How do you get yourself to stand out from the crowd in a saturated field of online coaching that promises quick results? 

The answer is NOT to be better than the competition, the answer is to be DIFFERENT.

The average American attempts a different or new nutrition protocol FOUR times per year. It’s highly likely that most of your clients have tried and failed in the past with their nutrition goals. Most registered dietitians struggle because they only offer IMPROVEMENT offers. Example: “Here’s a BETTER way to do recipes”, “Here’s a BETTER way to do Keto.” These are just better ways to do what they’ve already tried, and failed with in the past.

Improvement offers DO NOT work. You must be DIFFERENT. This is a concept I teach to my students called the USP – Unique Sales Position. If I lined you up in a room of 10 other RD’s who had the same experiences, knowledge, credentials, and passion that you have, could you explain what makes your program different? Could you draw out a road map and your client journey and show me EXACTLY how your process, systems, and program differs from the rest of the crowd?

When I was doing nutrition coaching my USP was my 4 step process: Awareness => Results => Recovery => Sustainability. What’s yours? What makes you different from every other diet, program, and coach out there?

If you can’t answer this, you’re not offering a unique solution to your clients, and you’re leaving impact and revenue on the table. This isn’t something we’re taught in school so it’s not your fault. It took me a VERY long time to learn all of this.

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