The Difference Between a Dietitian Business Coach and a Business Coach

by | Dec 15, 2020

Are you a registered dietitian who is interested in hiring an online business coach to help you create an online nutrition coaching business?

Being an internet business guru is the new cool thing these days. I’m about to give you 6 tips to be sure that your coach is someone who actually understands your field of dietetics, has built a successful business (not just talking about it), and can VERIFY the claims they are making with clients you can speak to BEFORE investing with them.⁣

I see so many practitioners WASTING time, energy, and money focusing on ALL the WRONG things with starting a business.⁣ You wouldn’t call your plumber with legal advice, so why would you invest in a random internet business guru to help you start a nutrition coaching business? Remember these 6 main questions below when you start your search for a great coach that works for you!

Number 1

Are the tactics and strategies that your coach is promising to give you battle tested and proven? In other words, does the person you are looking to invest into walk the walk of what they are teaching you? Have they actually used the systems that they are going to teach you? Have they built a real business themselves? Do they currently have what they are promising to teach you? OR are they just talking the talk? If they are only appearing to be a great online business coach through Instagram or social media but haven’t actually built that business themselves, you may want to consider working with someone else!

Number 2

Are they promising you to grow your social media but not actually helping you increase your revenue? Look, if your game plan is to go be an influencer and get brands to sponsor you, that may be the coach for you! For most of us, we want to build a company and build a business that helps us sustain our impact on our clients, as well as the impact on our income that we need. An expression I like to use in our I Believe Mentorship is that followers feed the ego, but its revenue and profit that will feed your family. So if your business coach is only helping you grow your online following as a dietitian but can’t actually give you a step by step blueprint, that’s not the coach for you. Your business coach should be giving you an exact blueprint on how to leverage your social media following into actual clients that are going to stay, pay and refer!

Number 3

Is their website full of claims but not backed up by any social proof? Social proof means that they have real clients, with real testimonials, who have seen real results. You should be able to go straight to their website and see other dietitians just like you on camera who are raving about that coach and talking about real results they have achieved. If that coach is just putting quotations up of what clients have said but you can’t validate those claims by seeing a real person, that might be a red flag. You need to be able to verify the process and the outcomes that this potential coach is promising you. Try getting on the phone with some of their top clients and interview them to ask if the results they’ve experienced are identical to what their coach is promising on their website. If not, this is a huge red flag!

Number 4

Are they even a registered dietitian?! As registered dietitians building dietitian businesses, we want to learn from other dietitians! I know there are a lot of business coaches out there who claim to want to help RD’s, but unless they’ve really gone through the trainings, the schooling, the internship, and the credentials that it takes to become an RD, can they really understand at a deep level how to help an RD grow their business? If the business coach you are looking at isn’t a registered dietitian business coach who specializes in helping RD’s like you grow their practice, this may be a good time to reconsider.

Number 5

Are they telling you broad or arbitrary terms as part of their roadmap for you? Are they telling you that they are going to help you niche down, or help you ‘reverse engineer’ your practice? Do they say they will help you scale your business but don’t ever explain how they are going to do that? When you really sit down and look at the nuts and bolts of their program, can they put the step by step process in front of you, plus the strategies and the tactics of how you’ll actually grow your business? How will you grow from where you currently are to where you want to be? Are they just throwing fancy terms at you? If they can’t put a roadmap and a specific detailed and customized blueprint in front of you, you guessed it! You might want to reconsider working with that coach.

Number 6

Do you have access to immediate ways to start to build quick and easy wins in your business upon enrolling in their coaching program? You should have tactics, tools, strategies and resources delivered to you immediately to help you see and ROI in your investment into their coaching. How are they setting you up for low-hanging fruit and easy wins? How are you going to sign on your first client within weeks, days, or even hours of enrolling with this coach? If they can’t answer that to you in an easy and digestible way, and if they can’t explain to you how you can start to build momentum in your business, you may want to keep searching for a coach. 

If you don’t know me yet, my name is Tony Stephan and I am a registered dietitian just like you. I am a dietitian business coach and I help dietitians create online nutrition coaching businesses that help increase their income and impact through our Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Certification and the I Believe Mastermind.

What makes our mastermind different from all the other business coaching programs?

We help real clients see real results. On this webpage and my other website, you can check out some of my top clients and students have produced. I always say our marketing is our clients. You can see the real results that we’ve produced for WELL over 80 of our coaching clients through this mastermind. The results of our programs speak for themselves, and we’ve produced dozens and dozens of six-figure earners as registered dietitians. We’ve helped more dietitians quit their job and become full time entrepreneurs from 2018-2020. In fact, my clients in 2020 despite the craziness of the pandemic have been more secure and successful  in their online business than EVER before!

These programs were built SPECIFICALLY for registered dietitians by a registered dietitian. I completely understand what it’s like to be an RD in the online nutrition coaching space. I have worked in the health and fitness industry since the age of 18, over 12 years experience. Truth be told my friend, I’ve never had a normal salary job. I’ve always worked in a commission based environment as a personal trainer and then as an RD. I’ve been doing nutrition coaching with clients for well over five years, so I know exactly what it takes to build a successful online nutrition coaching business. These are the tools and tactics and strategies that I rely on to teach you exactly what you need to succeed. 

We are not just about building your followers. Remember, as a true dietitian business coach will tell you, followers feed the ego! We are about building your REVENUE! We’ve had significant results with clients, and you can check out all of our testimonials here. Most of my clients only have just over 1,000 followers on instagram. This is proof that you do not need a big following to make more money. WE focus on helping you increase your impact on your clients and your income, and leveraging the connection of followers you currently have.. We focus more on quality of followers, not quantity. Producing real business that does not feed your ego but it feeds your family is what we are all about!

Did you find this post helpful? Email me at and I’d love to hear from you and chat about your business goals!


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