The Best Dietitian Resource: The True Power of Proximity

by | Oct 13, 2020

What is success?

Ask yourself, what does success look like? What does it ACTUALLY mean to be successful?

Is it gaining your first few clients as a dietitian entrepreneur? Possibly owning a six-figure business? Or it might be having the ability to hire on employees because you’ve grown your business to the point where you cannot handle the volume of work on your own anymore?

Everyone has their own unique definition of success, and some come to find it sooner than others.

Whether it’s in your own health, your finances, your relationships, or your dietitian business, it’s crucial to surround yourself with those who are ALREADY doing what you want to be doing. This my friends is one of the most important dietitian resources available.

When you spend the majority of your time hanging out or conversing with those who are already successful in the field, it has been proven that you are more likely to model their achievements. Why? This is because THEY are seeing the results that you want. They have the dietitian resources that you’ve been looking for. This is the power of proximity.

Read that over again.

Dietitian Resource One: You are who you surround yourself with

If you truly want to turn your hopes, dreams, and aspirations into reality, you must first surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Who you spend time with is ULTIMATELY who you become.

Have you ever heard the saying, “you are what you eat?” Well, the same goes for who you hang out with. Growing up, I’m sure you remember your parents trying to guide you through your school years by making sure you were hanging out with the right crowd of people. Typically, if you were to hang out with the troublemakers in high school, you might have found yourself in a bad situation a time or two.

First, I’d like you to think back to high school or even college. What types of people did you hang out with? We’re they the jocks? Class clowns? The partiers? Now, try to remember your experiences through these years. Were you caught up in situations that fit the “norm” of the group? I’m sure you were. As I said, you are who you hang out with.

For instance, if someone is CONSISTENTLY seeing results, it’s not luck. They’ve cracked the code that you’ve been searching for. These entrepreneurs have the blueprint to success and are implementing a strategy that WORKS, day in and day out. 99.9% of the time, success is no accident. It’s hard work, perseverance, and commitment to being the best you can possibly be at what you do.

Dietitian Resource Two: Humans are habitual creatures

Humans are creatures of habit, right? If you actually look at the research that has been conducted, the body language of others can have a direct impact on you as well. For example, if you hang out with someone who constantly slouches, then you begin to slouch more, even if you had great posture to begin with. Let’s say your best friend in the entire world walks with one foot turned out, you might adopt a similar mannerism without even realizing it!

Our brains are naturally wired to notice certain things and adapt, even if we don’t know it. When you are surrounded by people that exert energy that is contagious, it’s hard to sit around and act as an innocent bystander. Have you ever walked into a room with someone SO POWERFUL, that you can actually feel a shift in the energy? Well my friend, that is the true definition of the power of proximity. This is the BEST dietitian resource that I could provide you with. Those are the people that you need in your circle.

In other words, surround yourself with those who challenge you to be better and to DO better.  

Above all, your network of people is SO incredibly powerful, and can ultimately make or break your business. For instance, let’s take a look at the I Believe Mastermind Retreat!

Dietitian Resource Three: I Believe Mastermind Retreat 

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Tempe, AZ for the I Believe Mastermind Retreat. You might be asking yourself what the heck is that? Each year, I hold 3-4 retreats that serve as a dietitian resource for members of the 90 Day Ignition Program and the Mastermind Program to attend.

During this weekend-long retreat, a group of 50 dietitian entrepreneurs come together to learn, network, and to GROW not only as business professionals but as people too. Each retreat, I bring in speakers to discuss a variety of topics, conduct breakout sessions, and implement exercises that can be translated into real-life applications. The POWER of this weekend is so much more than I could ever explain through words, which is exactly why I created an entire vlog-style youtube video where you can get an inside look as to what it ACTUALLY means to be a dietitian mastermind!

Check out the vlog here!

During this weekend, dietitian entrepreneurs were able to sit down as a group to work on their dietitian business goals and dreams. The network of friendships that each and every entrepreneur makes through this experience is priceless. Through this experience, every single dietitian entrepreneur is challenged to think outside of the box and step outside of their comfort zone, which is what proximity is all about.

Dietitian Resource Four: How do you increase your proximity to be successful?

In conclusion, every single day, you have the opportunity to create a massive impact. Your choices that you make will affect your business, your relationships, and your overall success.

Right now, I want you to ask yourself what is a dietitian resource that you can turn to in order to increase your proximity.

  • Is it moving to a different city that will give you a better chance of succeeding?
  • Could you invite your successful peers to meet up for coffee to chat? 
  • Could you join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who want to scale their business help? For instance, look at the students in the Business Ignition and Dietitian Mastermind program!
  • Is it taking a leap of faith and officially starting your own dietitian business and becoming a healthy eating coach?
  • Or, can you simply by starting one simple conversation every single day with those who are already successful at the same thing that you’re doing?

Before even starting my own business as a dietitian entrepreneur, I was just like you. The problem was that I was going through the motions, trying to figure out all of the answers on my own. I would constantly see other entrepreneurs who seemed to have it all. They had a long list of clients lined up WAITING to work with them, and I couldn’t even sign on one person to try my program. It wasn’t until I started widening my circle that I finally figured out the missing piece to the puzzle. Once I began encircling myself with like-minded entrepreneurs and the industry’s leaders, I experienced massive growth both in my business and as a human being.


On October 20th at 7 pm EST I’m running a FREE webinar on how to pivot your online nutrition coaching business. This is a great place to start when looking to increase your proximity and is another FREE dietitian tool! Space is limited, so make sure you click here to register here!

Email me at and let me know what YOU’RE going to do to increase your proximity, I’d love to hear from you!


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