Is Becoming A Dietitian Worth It In 2021?

by | Jul 23, 2021

Today’s world is different than it was decades ago. Frankly, it’s different than it was just 2 years ago! Concern over health has increased since the COVID-19 pandemic. Research shows people are more concerned about their health and more interested in self-care, nutrition, and mental health. At the same time, social media use is at an all-time high. Especially video-sharing platforms like Instagram and TikTok. It’s absolutely worth becoming a dietitian in 2021 whether you’re fresh out of high school or considering a career change.

But before we dive a little deeper into why, allow me to introduce myself for those of you who are new around here.

My name is Tony Stephan, and I’m a dietitian business coach. I help RDs make more IMPACT and more INCOME through nutrition coaching. Before becoming a dietitian business coach, I was a dietitian nutrition coach. I served thousands of nutrition coaching clients over a time span of 12 years. My successful nutrition coaching business is what led me to where I am today. Now, let’s review what makes becoming a dietitian is worth it in 2021!

Becoming A Dietitian Requires Formal Education

Nutrition is a science. This is true regardless of how many fitness influencers or keyboard warriors try to inject their own unproven opinions about it. 

As of January 2024, sitting for the RD credentialing exam requires an advanced graduate degree in addition to supervised practice hours. (Prior to this, a bachelor’s degree was required with supervised practice hours.) I’m not here to write about my personal thoughts on that recent change, but the point remains true that dietitians are highly educated health professionals!

This separates you from the thousands of others out there using unregulated terms like “nutritionist” or “nutrition coach” with no education to back it up. Having the knowledge and education is one half of the puzzle (application being the other). This can definitely help people trust you and your nutrition recommendations!

A Variety Of Career Opportunities

Dietitians are recognized as food and nutrition experts around the world. With that expertise comes a variety of career opportunities! To this day, clinical nutrition remains one of the most common jobs for a registered dietitian. However, there are also plenty of opportunities in food service, research, sports nutrition (at every level you can imagine), military and other federal roles, journalism, and more. There are also a ton of entrepreneurial opportunities to consider, like starting your own online dietitian coaching business or private practice!

Becoming A Dietitian Means You Love To Serve

I’ll keep this point short and sweet. Helping others learn how to eat healthier requires plenty of compassion and understanding. Food can be a really sensitive subject. Sometimes talking about food and nutrition brings up triggering thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. So if you don’t consider yourself a helper or a giver, you may want to reconsider! 

The Takeaway

While there are some drawbacks to consider (such as the unpaid internship and the sometimes questionable actions of our “leadership” organizations), my overall stance remains the same. Becoming a dietitian would definitely be worth the investment if you’re passionate about nutrition and serving others! 

So, have you been weighing your options or considering the path to becoming a dietitian? If yes, EMAIL ME at Seriously, I do want to hear from you! I enjoy giving back to this profession, and I would love to address any questions or concerns you might have.

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