Courses for Dietitians

Tony Stephan, Registered Dietitian

The Level 1 Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Certification:

The Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Certification was designed for Registered Dietitians who want to connect their formal education into real world application! This course will provide everything you need to create a successful coaching business in one complete and proven system. Not to mention, this course is worth 30 CEU’s! Course bonuses include TWO courses all about selling and business so you can make your first sales and pay for the course from those sales, plus you will have access to our Private Facebook Group where we will be providing coaching and support to help you break down and digest the modules.

The 12 module topics include:

  • Module 1: Mindset Shift – Taking the Frame Of a Successful & Confident Dietitian Nutrition Coach
  • Module 2: Who Is Your Ideal Client?
  • Module 3: Clinical Dietetics VS Dietitian Coaching – Switching From Practitioner to Successful Dietitian Nutrition Coach
  • Module 4: Building Compliance By Speaking In Your Clients Language
  • Module 5: Creating The Initial Nutrition Coaching Assessment
  • Module 6: The Anatomy of a Successful Nutrition Coaching Program
  • Module 7: Developing The Systems For Success With Nutrition Coaching
  • Module 8: Check In Process and Structuring Coaching Calls
  • Module 9: Reassessing Clients and Building The Roadmap for Future Success
  • Module 10: How To Set Non-Compliant & Difficult Coaching Clients Up For Success
  • Module 11: Professionalism With Nutrition Coaching and Staying In Your Scope
  • Module 12: What To Do When a Client Reaches Their Goals

Benefits of Getting Certified

Skip the pain of trying to figure it all out on your own!

As dietitians we just aren’t taught what it takes to succeed with online nutrition coaching. When you try to figure things out on your own you will make mistakes that could’ve been easily avoided, and those mistakes can be costly and a huge waste of your time. This certification will take out the guessing game when it comes to delivering REAL results for your clients by giving you a blueprint that has been tested and proven by over 400 Registered Dietitians like you!

Charge more for what you are worth as an RD!

Most dietitians are undervaluing themselves and undercharging, and this is one of the biggest mistakes that new entrepreneurs make. Making more money allows you to be more, do more, and give more value to your clients. We’re told in college as dietetic students that we picked the wrong profession if we wanted to make money, but I believe this couldn’t be further from the truth! We can make a huge impact AND make more money, it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Stop selling sessions, and start selling outcomes!

By becoming a certified Dietitian Nutrition Coach, you will end the fight of having to “re-sell” your client a new package of coaching sessions each and every month. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see most new dietitians entrepreneurs making is they are selling sessions instead of outcomes. Average coaches sell sessions. Good coaches sell programs. Great coaches sell outcomes. By taking the Level 1 DNCC, you will be selling your clients an outcome of an on-going program, deliver the results and an amazing experience, and they’ll keep investing in you. In coaching, we can’t promise outcomes, but in fact we need to work on the behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes for our clients to LEAD them to the outcomes they desire.

Create raving fans that will stay, pay, and refer!

The number one way to generate new clients in your business is through referrals of happy current clients. That’s exactly what our certification teaches you how to do! Retention rates on average for our students and their nutrition coaching clients are between 6-9 months.

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Tony Stephan, Registered Dietitian

The Level 2 Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Certification:

The Level 1 Certification teaches the framework of how to start coaching and working with clients. The Level 2 Certification will answer the next questions you have as you level up in your practice such as:

  • Knowing that you are truly delivering what your clients will need to be successful
  • Gain confidence in your nutrition coaching career and take your business full time
  • Learn the step by step blueprint to help coach your clients through their challenges, struggles, and obstacles so that you can produce success in any circumstance
  • Provide your clients with everything they need and truly set them up for long term success

Everything you learn in each module can be IMMEDIATELY applied into your nutrition coaching program. This allows you to perfect your process and delivery inside the case study, before taking it and applying it to your nutrition coaching clients.

The 13 module topics include:

  • Module 1: How To Know Exactly What Your Client Wants & Ensure You’re Delivering It.
  • Module 2: Become The Ultimate Coach.
  • Module 3: Nutritional Periodization.
  • Module 4: Clinical Connection: Calorie Deficits, Energy, Hormones, and Performance Coaching.
  • Module 5: Pre & Post Workout Nutrition.
  • Module 6: Stress Management For Clients.
  • Module 7: Mastering Motivation: Making Your Client The Hero.
  • Module 8: Self Image Psychology.
  • Module 9: Resistance & Limiting Belief Destruction.
  • Module 10: Failure & Problem Solving.
  • Module 11: Anchoring & Priming For Success.
  • Module 12: Becoming An Elite Online Dietitian Nutrition Coach.
  • Module 13: Your New Opportunity As A Dietitian Entrepreneur.
This is not another letter you’re throwing after your name.
You have enough of those. Truth is, more letters and degrees hasn’t changed the results of your clients or the confidence in yourself to deliver exactly what any client needs or demands. Your clients don’t need more education spewed upon them. They are overwhelmed by information in today’s world.

So, what will give you the confidence and the tools to coach your clients to ultimate success?
The answer lives inside of how you coach your clients.

The Dietitian Nutrition Coach Level 2 Master Certification is going to teach you coaching MASTERY and how to coach any client or situation you face to achieve long-lasting success. You will never have to wonder, doubt, or fear again that your nutrition coaching program is not setting your clients up for massive success.

By the time you complete the Level 2 Certification you will be well on your way to starting and operating a successful online nutrition coaching business. However, I am sure you have several questions about the next steps. Such as, How do you get clients? How do you sell your services? How do you market yourself online?
Once you complete the L2 Certification you will have a bonus assessment to complete and then you and I will schedule a 1:1 call. This call with me is completely free as part of your investment into the L2 Certification!

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