Are These Money Mistakes Keeping You Broke?

by | May 17, 2023

Whether you’re a Registered Dietitian or you have other credentials following your name, you probably decided to further your education because you wanted to do this: make more money. But did you know that making certain money mistakes could actually keep you from your goal?

The truth is, most people in healthcare related fields are there because they want to help people in some way. But simply having a desire to help won’t pay the bills or help YOU live the lifestyle you want. So yes, money matters, and that’s perfectly okay!

You absolutely CAN help people AND grow your income at the same time. In fact, that’s why I started my own online dietitian nutrition coaching business. It was the perfect avenue for expanding my client base, reaching and helping more people, and growing my income – that’s a win-win!

Then, I learned that growing my earned income enabled me to have money left over which I could then invest in something that would create passive income. That’s when I started investing in real estate and I haven’t stopped.

But EARNING all the money in the world won’t do any good if you don’t know how to KEEP or MANAGE it. Just ask Mike Tyson – he made over $500 million dollars during his boxing career but still managed to have to declare bankruptcy!

Learn the 3 Rules of Money and Avoid 8 Common Money Mistakes

So, how do you go from growing up on Food Stamps (like I did) to having a multi-million dollar real estate investment portfolio and online dietitian coaching business like I enjoy today? You can start by learning the 3 rules of money:

  1. Learn how to GET money.
  2. Learn how to PROTECT your money.
  3. Learn how to GROW your money.

During that process, you also need to learn about the common money mistakes that people make … simple mistakes that will actually keep you broke even if you’re earning more money.

In the latest episode of the Tony Stephan Show, I share 8 money mistakes people make that keep them from achieving their money goals or financial freedom. Some of the money mistakes we discuss could actually surprise you because they’ve become somewhat ‘normal’ in today’s society. But, if you can learn to identify and avoid them, you’ll have the opportunity to be ‘above normal’ and lead an extraordinary life.

Watch the full episode here:


Or, listen to my podcast on the way home today.

Take it from me: It IS possible to start a successful online dietitian business or grow your passive income by investing in real estate. BUT, you won’t be able to do either until you effectively learn how to manage and protect your money.

As you watch my video or listen to the podcast, you’ll learn valuable tips you can put into action TODAY to grow your wealth and improve your financial situation. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to me to learn more about how I can help you own and operate a successful online nutrition coaching and dietitian business.

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