How Much Can I Make as an Online Dietitian?

by | Dec 1, 2020

The amount of money you can make as an online dietitian is limitless.

IF you know the formula to success. 

I’ve said it hundreds of times and I will keep saying it again and again. There has NEVER been a BETTER time to start your online nutrition coaching business.

IF you model the formula to success like my coaching clients do.

In 2020, the world has really changed. There’s absolutely no doubt about that. I know that a majority of people would think it is nuts to start your nutrition coaching business in a time like this.

And the next few months could be even more challenging. We truly have no idea what’s in store for 2021.

I know many of you as registered dietitians have felt the pain of 2020.

You may have been told that as a dietitian you are a NON ESSENTIAL worker.

Your safe secure job may have been reduced or removed altogether.

You find yourself working in a clinical setting NOT fulfilled by the SHORT TERM connections you’re able to have with patients and you find yourself wanting more long term impact and fulfillment.

Throughout this have you found yourself wondering, “Why did I even become a registered dietitian to deal with all of this?”

Well, the good news is in a crisis we can find opportunity.

Now more than EVER, the INTERNET is open for business for online dietitian nutrition coaches.

Several of our I Believe Mastermind clients are having RECORD breaking months during this pandemic as online dietitians!

For example in November several of our former Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Certification students hit RECORD levels of growth!

Kara Goss just hit her BIGGEST month EVER at $13,500!

Starla Garcia hitting ANOTHER CONSISTENT $10K month and is thriving with the support she is getting through her I Believe Mentorship Family.

Abby McQueeney Penamonte is selling ONE YEAR paid in FULL nutrition coaching packages and surpassed $15,000 for the month.

Ken Roberts is ALSO selling one year PAID IN FULL packages and has done so without using ANY paid advertising or wasting a single penny on marketing.

This IS possible and you CAN do the same!

Now here’s the secret sauce that all of you dietitian entrepreneurs have been waiting for.

STOP selling sessions, and START selling OUTCOMES!

This is the biggest mistake I see most dietitians & nutrition coaches making. You CANNOT produce a transformation in one session! Not only that, you cannot guarantee that a client will keep coming back for more sessions. 

Write this down:⁣ Average coaches sell sessions.⁣ Good coaches sell programs.⁣ GREAT coaches sell TRANSFORMATIONS.⁣

Listen, nutrition coaching should NOT be a ONE & DONE process. And the worst thing you can do is feel like you need to “re-sell” your client a new package of coaching sessions each and every month. Period.⁣ That is more work for you, and you aren’t doing your client a favor either! The best way to help them is to give them LASTING results.

You need to sell them an OUTCOME of an ON-GOING program, deliver the results and an amazing experience, and they’ll keep investing in you. Even better, they will become what I like to call a ‘raving fan’. They will rave to their friends and family about you, and you will start raking in the referrals!

All of my students in the I Believe Mentorship know that in coaching, we can’t promise outcomes, but in fact we need to work on the behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes for our clients to LEAD them to the outcomes they desire.⁣

⁣An online dietitian should be abundantly willing to seek 6 month PIFs, 9 month PIFS, and 1 year PIFs so that we can create SUSTAINABLE success for our nutrition coaching clients. ⁣If you love to SERVE then you are never afraid to SELL!

The bottom line for making money as an online dietitian:

Any coach or business guru can promise you that you will make money through the internet.

But what makes our registered dietitians in the Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Certification and the I Believe Mentorship SO successful is that they think BEYOND the money.

They are IMPACT driven! They do it so they can DO more, BE more, and GIVE more to those they love. They realize the only way they can SERVE in this world is to SELL and they don’t apologize for it!

They all have fear. But they choose BELIEF and FAITH over fear every day and bet on THEMSELVES. Every day they face their fears head on with FAITH and BELIEF in themselves.

They practice financial discipline (we call it the 40/30/30 rule) and invest in ASSETS not LIABILITIES to grow their wealth and financial freedom. My students aren’t leasing Range Rovers or popping Champagne on a private jet with their money just to brag and post on Instagram.

They’re investing back in themselves and their business for MORE GROWTH and REAL WEALTH. 

If your “coach” isn’t teaching you not just how to MAKE money by posting on Instagram, but how to INVEST, GROW, and MULTIPLY your money beyond WORKING, it might be time for a new coach.

Do you want to work for yourself full time to create more impact and more income as an online dietitian nutrition coach? If so, email me at tony@tonystephandietitian and I will send you a FREE training on how you can get started today!


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